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  • Date : Sat Jul 18, 2020
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Meeting with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) in the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP) to discuss bilateral collaboration about Pest management

According to the report broad casted by the public relations office of the IRIPP, a meeting was held to discuss possible bilateral collaboration opportunities between The AEOI and the IRIPP regarding pest control. This meeting was attended by the acting Director, deputies and legal affairs Director general of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Director and deputy-director of the IRIPP, The Nuclear Agriculture Research School (NARS), the Plant Protection Organization (PPO), Radiation Application Development Company (RADC), Researchers and personnel on 13th July 15, 2020. In this meeting besides the speeches delivered to introduce the activities of the NARS and the RADC, Collaboration opportunities between the AREEO and AEOI with the aim to solve the problems faced in agriculture especially damages caused by Mediterranean fruit fly and Olive fruit fly were discussed.

The first speech was delivered by Dr. Ahmadi, faculty member of the NARS and the fruit fly project executor (Sterile Insect Technique- SIT), regarding the sterility of the male Mediterranean and olive fruit flies to control these pests around the globe and in Iran.

The second speech was delivered by Mr. Samimi the chairman of the management board and the operational deputy of the RADC. He discussed the use of irradiation in agriculture, food security and microbial reduction of food, control of Carob moth, pulses and cereal pests, packaging and sterilizing food stuff with high durability, advantages of the application of irradiation processing compared with other techniques, introduction of the daily used irradiated materials and introduction of Cobalt irradiating system.

Lastly Dr. Jafary the Director of the IRIPP besides discussing various ways of collaboration with the AEOI in the form of research agreement and joint research projects for the control of Mediterranean fruit fly as the most important pest of the orchards in the country using integrated SIT, invited the Knowledge-based companies of the AEOI to settle in the Plant Protection incubation center. He also pointed out that there is an opportunity to assign the Biological Control Laboratory of Amol for collaborative research to AEOI in the form of joint research project for the control of important pests.

Finally, various conditions and possibilities of signing a collaborative contract between the AEOI and AREEO were discussed.


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