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  • Date : Sun Feb 12, 2023
Visit of the Director of The Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP) to Mazandaran province and participation in the meeting of the Plant Protection headquarters of the province

According to the public relations office of the IRIPP, the meeting of the plant protection headquarters of Mazandaran province was held in the presence of Dr. Shahram Naimi, director of the IRIPP, on Tuesday, the 24th January 2023, in the agricultural organization of the province.

In this meeting, which were participated also by Dr. Ranjbar Aghdam, Director of the Plant Protection Organization (PPO), Dr. Shahrokhi, Deputy Director of the IRIP, Eng. Omidbakhsh, deputy director of the PPO, Eng. Sahebnazar, deputy director of management and resource development of the PPO, Eng. Abbaspour, deputy of plant production of Mazandaran province, Eng. Zaghi, the PPO manager of Mazandaran province, Eng. Alimohammadi, head of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization of the province, and Dr. Khosravi, deputy of the rice research institute in Amol, topics on the plant protection of the province  especially regarding the production of safe products were discussed.

 Dr. Naimi while describing the policies of the IRIPP regarding the production of safe food, emphasized on the continuation of such meetings by the plant protection headquarters of the province. He further considered the role of Mazandaran province as a supplier of food and food security of the country as irreplaceable and stated that the use of low-quality along with incorrect and unnecessary consumption of chemical pesticides in the orchards and farms as one of the most important challenges facing the province in the production of safe products, and while emphasizing the implementation and development of research programs and the development of non-chemical methods and integrated crop management, he expressed hope that by training users and implementation of extension programs, use of low-risk pesticides, prevention of excessive use of chemical pesticides and the use of biological control agents and non-chemical compounds in the control of important pests and diseases of agricultural products, including rice, in the province in a suitable way will be done. He reminded that in the process of production of safe products in addition to rice, several other products are also being produced as pilot plants, the results of which will be published in the future.

Later, the delegation visited the international trade center and the Iranian rice export terminal located in Amol city and held a joint meeting with the aim of investigating the production of safe products with the deputy of plant production of the Mazandaran Agricultural Organization, the manager of plant protection of the province and the in-charge of rice cultivation of the agricultural organization of the province in the center.

While recognizing the importance of the actions of this center, Dr. Naimi stated that the executive guidelines for the production of safe products will be prepared and implemented in the near future. Regarding the export of rice, he also stated that the IRIPP is ready to monitor pesticides residue in rice fields. At the end of this meeting, Dr. Naimi and the accompanying delegation visited the International Trade Center and the Iranian Rice Export Terminal and got acquainted with the facilities of that center.